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Old Navy asked PDS to create a versatile modular fitting room system for all store types, featuring easy in-store assembly and ADA-accessible rooms.

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PDS created a modular system comprised of benches, mirrors, and hanger hooks. Each kit included 4-6 standard rooms and 1 or 2 ADA accessible rooms, with color-coded packaging and shrink-wrapped hardware for easy assembly on cardboard and pallets. Design flexibility also covered slatwall panels, available in laminate or metal, to meet diverse client preferences.


Facing the challenge presented by Old Navy, PDS was entrusted with a multifaceted project: the design and implementation of a modular fitting room system tailored to meet the distinct needs of each Old Navy store. The primary objectives were to create a versatile solution that could adapt to different store layouts, provide ease of assembly, and ensure inclusivity by incorporating ADA accessible rooms.

Understanding the diversity of Old Navy store types, ranging from flagship locations to smaller outlets, PDS embarked on a comprehensive design process. The modular fitting room system needed to be flexible enough to accommodate the unique spatial constraints and configurations of each store. This demanded a nuanced approach to design that considered not only the aesthetic appeal but also the practicality and adaptability of the solution.

Crucial to the success of the project was the requirement for individualized kits. Recognizing that each store had its own set of spatial parameters and requirements, PDS ensured that the fitting room system was supplied in modular kits tailored to the specifications of each location. This approach streamlined the assembly process, allowing for efficient implementation across the diverse Old Navy store portfolio.

Inclusivity was another cornerstone of the project. Acknowledging the importance of creating a shopping environment accessible to everyone, PDS integrated ADA accessible rooms into the design. This commitment to inclusivity not only aligns with industry standards but also reflects Old Navy's dedication to ensuring a positive and welcoming experience for all customers.

Throughout the project, collaboration with Old Navy was paramount. PDS established regular communication and feedback loops to ensure that the evolving design aligned with Old Navy's vision and operational requirements. This collaborative approach not only enriched the project with diverse perspectives but also facilitated a seamless integration of the fitting room system into the existing store infrastructure.

The success of PDS's solution was not only measured by its adaptability and inclusivity but also by the positive impact observed during the rollout phase. Old Navy stores, regardless of their size or layout, experienced a harmonious integration of the modular fitting room system. The efficiency of in-store assembly and the positive feedback from both customers and store staff reinforced the success of PDS's design and execution.


Through thoughtful design, personalized kits, and a dedication to inclusivity, PDS not only met Old Navy's requirements but also contributed to an enhanced shopping experience for all customers across the diverse Old Navy store network.


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