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The existing supplier couldn't meet deadlines for the client's new store openings. PDS was tasked with designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing new fixtures and storefronts.​



Utilizing their exterior storefront cladding system and patented extrusion and mounting system, PDS achieved a seamless match to custom color and branding specifications. All stores were successfully opened on schedule.​


In addressing the pressing challenge faced by a client whose current supplier fell short of meeting lead-time requirements for fixture and exterior appearance packages for new store openings, PDS assumed a pivotal role in the resolution. Tasked with designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing the entire program expediently, PDS demonstrated its capability to navigate complex logistical constraints.

Confronted with the urgency of the situation, PDS initiated the design and engineering process, focusing on both exterior and interior components. Leveraging its exterior storefront cladding system and patented extrusion and mounting system, PDS adeptly matched the client's custom color and branding specifications for the exterior appearance packages. The successful implementation of this innovative approach ensured the timely manufacturing and installation of the system, meeting the critical deadlines set for store openings.

Internally, the challenge extended to the design, engineering, and manufacturing of an expedited interior merchandising fixture package. Combining acrylic, wood, and metal elements, PDS tailored this package to meet the accelerated in-store requirements, showcasing its versatility in addressing diverse materials and design specifications.

The culmination of these efforts resulted in the successful and punctual opening of all the stores, a testament to PDS's adeptness in overcoming logistical challenges and delivering end-to-end solutions. The integration of the exterior and interior solutions not only met the immediate needs of the client but also contributed to the creation of a unified and visually compelling environment for the new stores.


By seamlessly blending design ingenuity, patented technology, and expedited manufacturing and installation processes, PDS not only met but surpassed the client's expectations, ensuring the successful launch of the new stores within the specified timeframe.


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