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Five Below tasked PDS with updating their product selection to include items over five dollars. The goal was to design, engineer, prototype, and manufacture 9 different styles of fixtures for 50 stores within 6 weeks. Subsequently, Five Below planned to expand the project to accommodate an additional 200+ stores over the next 120 days.​

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For the "Store within a Store" program, PDS collaborated with domestic and international partners to design and engineer various fixtures, including platforms, towers, dump bins, outriggers, and sign-holders. Through the use of powder-coated metal, wood, and acrylic, PDS successfully prototyped and manufactured these fixtures, meeting Five Below’s required delivery schedule.​


In addressing the challenge posed by the implementation of the "Store within a Store" program, PDS embarked on a comprehensive journey to create a tailored solution that seamlessly integrated into the existing retail environment. The objective was to enhance the customer shopping experience and optimize space utilization within each store.

To meet this objective, PDS meticulously designed and engineered a diverse array of fixtures, comprising two distinct platform sets, three tower sets, two styles of dump bins, two sizes of outriggers, and an assortment of sign-holders. The variety in fixtures allowed for flexibility and customization, ensuring compatibility with diverse product categories and store layouts.

Collaboration played a pivotal role in the success of this endeavor, as PDS engaged with both domestic and international partners throughout the prototyping and manufacturing phases. This collaborative effort not only enriched the diversity of ideas but also facilitated a seamless execution process. It was crucial to adhere to a stringent delivery schedule, and by leveraging PDS's network of partners, they were able to meet and even exceed expectations, ensuring a timely rollout of the program.

The choice of materials was a key consideration in the fixture design. PDS opted for a combination of powder-coated metal, wood, and acrylic, carefully selecting materials that not only met aesthetic requirements but also aligned with durability standards. Assembling many of these items in PDS's dedicated warehouse facility allowed them to maintain quality control and streamline the shipping process.

The true litmus test for PDS's solution came with the pilot implementation in over 200 stores. The positive results and the favorable feedback received during this phase were a testament to the efficiency of PDS's design and the successful collaboration with partners. Encouraged by the success of the pilot, the "Store within a Store" program was subsequently rolled out across the entire retail network.


Through thoughtful design, meticulous manufacturing, and strategic partnerships, PDS not only met the unique challenges posed by the "Store within a Store" initiative but also delivered a solution that significantly contributed to an enhanced retail environment and customer experience.


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