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Facing supply chain challenges, a client asked PDS to swiftly address their merchandising fixture needs for a new store concept. PDS was responsible for designing, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing interior fixture programs to facilitate store openings and updates, including the creation of new items and accessories for existing fixtures.​



PDS collaborated with domestic and international partners to create a budget-friendly interior fixture program, encompassing wall systems, shelving, outriggers, hang bars, merchandising baskets, towers, platforms, wire fencing, and sign frames. They achieved exact color matching to meet the client's strict guidelines.


Faced with critical supply chain challenges, PDS found itself in a pivotal role as a client sought an urgent solution for merchandising fixtures to support a new concept within their stores. Tasked with the design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing of interior fixture programs, PDS aimed to address the immediate operational needs while grappling with the complexities of the disrupted supply chain.

The challenge encompassed the creation of accessory items complementing existing fixtures and the development of entirely new components to facilitate store opening and updates. PDS's design and engineering team embarked on a collaborative effort with both domestic and international partners, focusing on delivering competitively priced solutions within the required manufacturing lead times.

The resulting interior fixture program featured a meticulously crafted wall and shelving system, outriggers, hang bars, merchandising baskets, towers, platforms, wire fencing, and sign frames. Each element was thoughtfully designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the retail space, aligning seamlessly with the requirements of the new in-store concept.

A crucial success factor lay in PDS's ability to achieve perfect color matching for each product, meeting the client's stringent color guidelines and ensuring visual consistency throughout the store. This attention to detail contributed to a cohesive and visually appealing shopping environment.

The collaboration with both domestic and international partners allowed PDS to navigate the intricate challenges of the disrupted supply chain. Leveraging the expertise of their global network, PDS successfully addressed logistical complexities, optimized production processes, and delivered a comprehensive fixture program that met the client's urgent operational requirements.

The successful implementation of the solution not only alleviated immediate supply chain constraints for the client but strategically positioned them for the introduction of their new in-store concept. The positive impact was evident in the seamless integration of the fixtures into the store environment, creating an inviting and functional space for customers.

By navigating disruptions, collaborating globally, and delivering a tailored fixture program, PDS not only met the immediate needs of their client but also played a key role in the success of the new in-store concept.


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