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PDS was approached by a major national brand to develop a versatile entry storefront system, adaptable to various sizes for both interior and exterior applications. The system had to withstand diverse weather conditions and facilitate easy panel replacements.​



PDS developed a flexible retail system adhering to "Miami Dade standards" with easy-to-replace panels and customizable colors matching PMS requirements. Utilizing patented extrusions for straightforward installation, the system streamlined structural entry walls and ceiling panels, eliminating GC buildouts and reducing construction time.​


When approached by a major national brand, PDS took on the challenge of designing and engineering a versatile "portal" entry storefront system that would transcend the limitations of traditional retail environments. The client sought a solution that could seamlessly adapt to various sizes for both interior and exterior applications, with a particular emphasis on meeting stringent "Miami Dade standards" for structural resilience in diverse weather conditions.

The comprehensive solution crafted by PDS incorporated structural components specifically engineered to accommodate ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels. Notably, these panels not only met the rigorous "Miami Dade standards" but also offered a unique feature – the ability to be replaced effortlessly without the need for panel fasteners. This innovation addressed the practical need for flexibility and maintenance, allowing for swift and efficient panel replacements as required.

Moreover, the system was designed to be custom-colored, meeting the retailer's precise PMS (Pantone Matching System) requirements. This attention to detail ensured a seamless integration with the brand's visual identity, maintaining consistency across various storefronts.

The panel system's ease of installation was a paramount consideration. PDS introduced a series of patented extrusions, complemented by panels shipped pre-cut to size. This not only streamlined the installation process but also contributed to overall project efficiency.

The impact of PDS's solution extended beyond meeting the immediate design challenge. By providing structural entry walls and ceiling panels, the innovative system eliminated the need for traditional General Contractor (GC) buildouts. This not only significantly reduced construction time but also ensured a superior fit and finish that could be replicated seamlessly in retail locations nationwide.

In essence, PDS's tailored solution addressed the multifaceted challenges posed by the client. The result was not just a versatile and resilient entry storefront system, but a comprehensive strategy that streamlined construction processes, eliminated unnecessary buildouts, and delivered a consistent, high-quality aesthetic that reflected the brand's identity across the national retail landscape. This case study exemplifies PDS's ability to innovate, collaborate, and deliver solutions that transcend immediate challenges, leaving a lasting impact on the client's retail environment.


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